Portable Extractors pulling up to 200 feet of "SUCK"

Portable Extractors pulling up to 200 feet of "SUCK"

If you look at the history of our industry and how equipment has evolved, anyone would say things have improved significantly, some changes made larger strides than others. The time is here for the next leap forward. As manufacturer's continue to innovate and compete, end users get better equipment to do their jobs more efficiently with better results. 

Change is always good, but some are more resistant to change than others, even of they don't intend to be, its a habit of human nature, we like systems, routines, and the comfort of current knowledge. However when there is change, generally speaking, those most receptive to it will gain the most benefit by adapting early. So what are we talking about here?!? 

Mytee has released their new LX vacuum motors, initially in their ETM, but now they are spreading to smaller portable machines and even a 40 pound micro vacuum booster. The result....a whole new world of opportunity and use for portable extractors... Let me explain what is happening, I am seeing this daily with customer feedback, and the stories I am seeing on social media...

New carpet cleaners who are starting their businesses may not have the funds to purchase a gas powered truckmount. And if you really think about the very basics of a truckmount, what are the benefits over a portable? Slightly higher water flow (gpm) and much stronger vacuum, both lift (Hg) and volume (cfm). So currently, most people using a portable need to be within 25-50 (ish) feet of their machine to maintain good "SUCK." But now, new business owners can get a more powerful portable that they can leave on a front porch, in a garage, in a trailer, or in a van. Some do this to appear more like a truck mount to their customers while others do it to save setup time and breakdown time. I know when I ran a portable back in the day that it took twice as long to clean a home than I can now with a truckmount. Huge benefits now!

Businesses who already own a truckmount are also getting the machines with LX motors because they can either use them as backup if their van is getting serviced. A small setup for $3000 or less is far more economical than a backup truckmount that isn't getting used. Another great use of these small machines is on large commercial jobs. Even though a big truckmount can handle the job, carrying 300-500 feet of hose into a large hotel or casino can be time consuming, tiresome, and add a trip and fall safety risk to the public. Now you can set up a machine in a hall, maintenance closet, or guest room, and clean a very large portion of that floor. The hop in the elevator and do it again on the next level. How about banks who want their doors closed and locked but you don't want to keep moving a machine around with you? Many more benefits when you can have portable suction holding max force at 100 feet, but still going strong up to 200 feet!

Next we have businesses who are expanding, and need to add a crew, but want to maintain frugal cashflow. We have sold new van setups for under $6000 with all the bells and whistles, including heat, tanks, reels, pump out, 1200 psi, etc. Want more heat with propane? Easy, now you are still under $8500. Best thing is you can easily take the small machines out of the van to use on the move.

So what are some of the options besides the 115 volt Mytee ETM-LX?

The next in line is the Mytee LTD5LX. This machine has the same vacuum power as the ETM, 500 psi, auto fill, auto pump out, and all fits in a standard size portable shell. Primary difference from the ETM is the size of the pumpout.

Then we have the 1005LX Speedster, which is the same as the LTD5LX, but does not have auto fill and auto pump out.

Following that we have the Breeze 105LX, which is very similar to the 1005LX, but the water pump has about half the volume output (gpm) and a slightly different tank.

Last we have the Air Hog Vacuum Booster. This little 40 pound monster is the new "truckmount in your pocket" to put it in sarcastic terms. With the same vacuum power as all machines listed above, plus automatic pump out, you can use it as a stand alone extractor, or put in line with a current portable for longer hose runs. When using as a stand alone extractor, all you need is a water supply, such as the Water hog, which is also a small 50 pound machine with 4 gallon fresh water tank and variable 1200 psi pump. A water otter or other external water source would suffice as well. 

Here is a video we made testing the lift of the air hog at the machine and up to 200 feet of vacuum hose, with checks at 50 foot intervals. We also compared to the factory lift settings of a Sapphire 370 truckmount. Viewers gave us some feedback asking what the truckmount lift was at the same intervals. My assumption was the same regression as the hose elongated, but we do plan to add to this video soon to clear any assumptions. Some viewers also asked about the cfm specs at the same intervals, however I broke my cfm gauge last time I tried doing that test and still need to replace it. Until then, see for yourself in this video how powerful these vacuum motors are, and what the capabilities are. We found the lift remained the same from the machine itself up to 100 feet, then slowly started to decrease. We understand there are several variables going on, but using what we have on hand, it is apparent that 100 feet of vacuum hose has the same level of power as the truckmount. Beyond that, it only drops slightly up to 200 feet. This is not a bowling ball test, because that doesn't measure any actual numbers or specs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out any time. Enjoy :-)

Feb 17th 2019 Dave Belliveau

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