SHIPPING SAVINGS SUGGESTION: If you are ordering 5 Gallon Pails, or any chemicals exceeding 51 pounds per container, shipping rates may be more economical if you order comparable volumes in smaller package size. Our UPS wholesale prices are directly connected to the shopping cart, and any package over 50 pounds will incur a large package fee from UPS.  For example, instead of ordering a pail of pre-spray, try 4 jars/gallons instead. The smaller packaging may save you shipping costs during checkout.  :-)

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Repairs and Rental Center

We service Truckmount Machines, Portable Extractors, Concrete Grinders, Shot blasters, Dust Collector Vacuums, Wands, Tools, Hoses, Valves, and more

Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 1-844-623-5075, or feel free to walk in during business hours and we will do our best to serve your needs and get you back to business as soon as possible. If you have an emergency after hours, please email and we will respond promptly.

We also have machines & equipment available for rent:

  • Concrete Grinders (all sizes)
  • Dust Collectors (Vacuums)
  • Shot Blasters
  • Floor Scrapers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Movers
  • Portable Extractors