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  • TCS Brave

    TCS Brave

    Overview The TCS BRAVE is our most compact and affordable cleaning system. It comes packed with all the things you would expect from a larger truckmount – General TX pump with a clutch,...

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  • TCS Chief

    TCS Chief

    Overview The TCS CHIEF is the strongest truckmount we build for single-wand operation.  All its major components were chosen for maximum running hours with the least maintenance...

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  • TCS Chief II

    TCS Chief II

    Overview The TCS CHIEF II is only one model up from the standard TCS CHIEF, but it’s a big jump in performance.  This is a true dual-wand system, capable of sending hot water out and...

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  • TCS Flood Trooper

    TCS Flood Trooper

    Overview The TCS FLOOD TROOPER is a no-nonsense extraction-only truckmount.  The Honda GX690 has plenty of power to turn the 4M Suitorbilt blower and maximum RPMs with horsepower to spare...

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  • TCS Warrior

    TCS Warrior

    Overview The TCS WARRIOR console is only 16″ wide, but it has all the power you need for residential and light commercial work.  Complete with a fresh water tank, triple reels, and...

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