SHIPPING SAVINGS SUGGESTION: If you are ordering 5 Gallon Pails, or any chemicals exceeding 51 pounds per container, shipping rates may be more economical if you order comparable volumes in smaller package size. Our UPS wholesale prices are directly connected to the shopping cart, and any package over 50 pounds will incur a large package fee from UPS.  For example, instead of ordering a pail of pre-spray, try 4 jars/gallons instead. The smaller packaging may save you shipping costs during checkout.  :-)

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Hand Grinders

To look and function their best, concrete surfaces need a professional finish. And to get that professional finish, cleaners should use a high-efficiency hand grinder for a sleek, clean grind. Grinding improves the look of concrete, removes stains and other flaws, and makes concrete easier to clean and treat. Clean Pro Supply's concrete edge grinders provide great performance and reliability. Durable, ergonomic, powerful, and steady, these hand grinders will help you get the job done quickly and to top standards. You can shop our state-of-the-art edge grinders today or contact us if you have any questions about our concrete grinding products.