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  • Prochem Truckmount Descaler

    Prochem Truckmount Descaler

    Scale and mineral deposits can cripple your truckmount, quick disconnects and hoses! Descale as needed to remove hard water deposits from truckmount heat exchangers, fittings, valves, screens, metering systems, sensors, and water lines. This premium...

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  • TCS Flood Trooper

    TCS Flood Trooper

    Overview The TCS FLOOD TROOPER is a no-nonsense extraction-only truckmount.  The Honda GX690 has plenty of power to turn the 4M Suitorbilt blower and maximum RPMs with horsepower to spare.  This machine can extract efficiently over long...

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  • Cleanco SLX 47 Slide-In

    Cleanco SLX 47 Slide-In

    Cleanco takes pride in their history of building quality, dependable, reliable truckmounts. In every Cleanco truckmount, there is over 40 years of engineering expertise and the SLX 47 is no exception. Frame: Stainless steel, tubular...

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  • TCS Chief II Diesel

    TCS Chief II Diesel

    Overview The TCS CHIEF II DIESEL is a dual-wanding powerhouse.  It was designed to be installed in a high-top diesel vehicle, box truck or enclosed trailer.  With all the same performance as the standard CHIEF II plus extra diesel heat and...

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  • TCS Chief II

    TCS Chief II

    Overview The TCS CHIEF II is only one model up from the standard TCS CHIEF, but it’s a big jump in performance.  This is a true dual-wand system, capable of sending hot water out and recovering it from two operators each 250 feet from the...

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  • TCS Chief

    TCS Chief

    Overview The TCS CHIEF is the strongest truckmount we build for single-wand operation.  All its major components were chosen for maximum running hours with the least maintenance required.  For commercial and large residential work,...

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  • TCS Warrior

    TCS Warrior

    Overview The TCS WARRIOR console is only 16″ wide, but it has all the power you need for residential and light commercial work.  Complete with a fresh water tank, triple reels, and live solution and supply hose, this truckmount package...

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  • TCS Brave

    TCS Brave

    Overview The TCS BRAVE is our most compact and affordable cleaning system. It comes packed with all the things you would expect from a larger truckmount – General TX pump with a clutch, high-pressure 3HT heater, DSL self-lubricating blower...

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