EBC Restorer 5 Gallon Pail Enviro Bio Cleaner

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Revolutionary new product replaces traditional hazardous acid cleaners! 

EBC Restorer formula works with excellent health and safety benefits. A low pH combination of selected chemical cleaners and a perfectly blended amount of soaps makes this a truly unique product for cleaning and restoring hard surfaces. Used for the removal of tire marks, restoring and revitalizing concrete, surface rust stains, mineral deposits. EBC Restorer replaces hydrochloric, citrus, glycolic, phosphoric, nitric and other DOT hazardous acids - A low pH organic salt combined with a specific blend of cleaning agents that performs superbly in many cleaning and restoration projects. 

Organic salt that acts like an acid; pH & pKa of less than 1.0 Acid stable blend of cleaning agents More effective than Citric Acid, Glycolic Acid and even Phosphoric Acid when dissolving calcium carbonate Performance, cost and safety advantages verses acids such as Phosphoric, Citric, Hydroxyacetic, Sulfmaic, Oxalic. DOT Classification: Non-Regulated Non-Fuming Phosphate FREE & contains no VOC's NON- HAZMAT

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