Why Cleaning Companies Should Provide Restoration Services

Why Cleaning Companies Should Provide Restoration Services

Posted by Angela Maida on Aug 17th 2022

Provide customers with a one-stop-shop experience when they look for cleaning and restoration services. Expand your business while providing customers with the help they need. Continue reading to learn why cleaning companies should provide restoration services.

Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Storms, floods, or plumbing issues can wreak havoc on your home. And although many restoration services can help take care of your damaged home, you may still be left to tidy up the details of the problem at hand. If a cleaning service offers restoration cleaning services, they could be first in and last out after this type of incident. This will help calm the customer, as they will not have to search for both a restoration service and a cleaning service to get their life back to normal after a loss.

Although restoration services do a great job of fixing the problem itself, they often do not deal with the aftermath of the issue. If your business offers both restoration and cleaning services, customers can enjoy the fact that they only need to communicate with one company during this difficult transition. This also calms the customer when it comes to dealing with insurance. Rather than sending multiple claims for home damage, they can send just one for the company’s services.

Carpet and Rug Restoration

Customers that pursue a cleaning company may be in the market for carpet and rug restoration. This may also include upholstery. Cleaning keeps a home looking its best, and carpet restoration may take things a step further. If the homeowner desires to sell their home, clean carpets will increase their home’s value. Every little bit counts when you are about to show your home. Even if a homeowner isn’t looking to sell, they may pursue this service in order to keep or increase the value of their belongings.

Mold Removal and Wall Restoration

If a carpet cleaner comes to address a minor water loss, and they dont have proper training, knowledge, or insurance coverage to offer mold remediation and structural drying, they may end up walking away because they don’t provide the services necessary to deal with the issues beyond the carpet.  If the end goal is to provide a customer with a clean home, why not also offer mold remediation, structural drying, and other restoration services?

Some companies also offer wall painting services after mold removal. Once they have removed the mold, they give the wall a fresh coat of sealant and paint. You will boost business revenue and increase positive customer reviews when clients see you go the extra mile to truly give them a clean, healthy home.

Cleaning companies should provide restoration services because of the many customer and business benefits they provide. From water restoration to carpet and wall restoration, provide customers with the help they really need.