The Best Tools to Use for Hard Surface Cleaning, Including Tile and Grout

The Best Tools to Use for Hard Surface Cleaning, Including Tile and Grout

Posted by David Belliveau on Apr 24th 2022

Are you looking for the best tools for hard surface cleaning, or tile and grout cleaning? Maybe you want to build additional revenue and offer this add-on service to your existing carpet cleaning business.

Turboforce TH40 12" Turbo Hybrid Spinner

The Turboforce is the pinnacle of tile and grout cleaning technology. It’s unique, upright design is user friendly and easy on the back. Its effective technology makes for a quick and easy job. With an impressive cleaning capacity of 700 to 1,000 feet per hour, this tool is impressive. It operates at a pressure range of 650 to 2500 psi.

Westpak Blaster Hard Surface Wand

A complete hard surface blaster tool is another effective tool as alternative to a high pressure turbo spinner. If you are using a lower pressure portable extractor, this tool works amazing at 400-500 psi. Slightly smaller in size and price, it will still clean the grout effectively paired with quality hard surface cleaning chemicals.

Pumptec Water Otter

The 1200 PSI Pumptec Water Otter is a great add on if you are currently using a low pressure portable extractor, and you want to add a "boost" of water pressure to your setup. This 120 volt electric pump delivers up to 3.1 GPM and 1200 PSI, depending on the jets / orifices being used. When smaller jets are used, you will maximize pressure, when larger jets are used, you may experience pressure drop but will also enable maximum water flow. We encourage the use of a single or 2 jet tool in conjunction with this machine.

Clean grout can completely transform a space and make your clients extremely happy. Invest in the best tools to use for hard surface tile and grout cleaning.