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How to Handle Pet Spots, Stains, & Odors

How to Handle Pet Spots, Stains, & Odors

Aug 17th 2022

Pets are adorable, but they're also messy! Being a pet owner means being comfortable with cleaning up a wide assortment of messes, but some messes are too resilient for owners to handle on their own. That's where the pros come in.

Getting messes out of carpet is a complicated job, but the right cleaners can make it infinitely easier. Here are the best carpet cleaners for dealing with pet messes.

Why Are the Right Cleaners Important for Pet Messes?

Choosing the right cleaner is integral to any job, but this is especially true for pet stains and odors. Why? For one, most pet messes involve bodily fluids or substances. These require special care to clean. With pet messes, it's also important to use a strong enough cleaner.

Pets use urine to mark their territory. If the cleaner you use isn't strong enough, the pets will still be able to detect their scents. At the same time, if a pet smells a strong chemical odor in one area, they may perceive it as another animal attempting to take over their territory. This encourages them to aggressively remark the area.

The Best Cleaners for Pet Messes

Pet messes are tough to clean, but they aren't invincible. The right cleaners can eliminate even the most stubborn of messes. What are the best carpet cleaners for dealing with pet messes? Ideally, you should use either a peroxide cleaner or an enzymatic cleaner, to break down and digest the bio-matter causing the spots and odor. You should also use the proper tools to properly flush, extract, and dry the carpet and pad underneath.

Once you remove the stains, use a pet odor eliminator to remove smells from the area and discourage pets from remarking their territory.

What To Avoid

There are a few things you might do during a normal cleaning job that you should never do when tackling pet messes.

One thing you should never do is use a steam cleaner or any other carpet cleaning method that utilizes heat when removing urine from a carpet or rug made from synthetic materials (viscose, nylon, polypropylene). The heat will permanently set the stain and trap pungent odors by bonding proteins into the fibers.

You should also avoid using cleaners that contain bleach for urine stains because ammonia and bleach combine to create a deadly chemical reaction. However, bleach works wonders on other pet messes.

A final piece of advice to remember is that most pet messes (urine, feces, fur) are alkaline in nature, which means you need to use an acidic cleaner. If you're cleaning pet vomit, however, use a strong alkaline cleaner, because vomit is almost always highly acidic. Alternatively, you can use a "one stop shop product" such as CPS Mad Max 02 which is a peroxide based product designed to break down both acidic and alkaline organic stains and odors.

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