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10 Professional Power Washing Cleaning Chemicals

10 Professional Power Washing Cleaning Chemicals

Posted by Angela Maida on Aug 17th 2022

Are you searching for effective pressure washing and soft washing chemicals? Learn more about 10 different options we stock and ship daily nationwide. Have confidence in your product before you wash. Whether your service is for maintenance or a more serious "restorative deep clean." Take care of grime buildup, grease, and stains. Save yourself time and money, educate yourself on the appropriate chemicals to use.

Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC)

Enviro Bio Cleaner is an effective and go-to multi-purpose degreasing agent. It will remove oil, grease, and dirt from any washable surface. This cleaner is water-based. This means it has a biodegradable and nonflammable formula. This cleaner has no negative impact on the environment. Industrial, residential, commercial, grease, oil, grime, kitchen exhaust… you name it, Enviro Bio Cleaner will clean it. The cleaner is tested and approved for pressure washing, and you can clean even the most stubborn messes with ease using this cleaner and professional pressure washing.

F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover

This user-friendly commercial pressure washing chemical provides the user with a strong product that reduces fuming and corrosion. The formula doesn’t compromise your health and safety. In fact, it’s so much safer that it won’t burn if it contacts your skin. With 95 percent fewer fumes than a full-strength HCL acid, this detergent is a wise and safe choice. F9 Calcium is also user-friendly, with 31.45 percent strength muriatic acid replacement. Use it on concrete and masonry and watch efflorescence, calcium, calcium carbonate, and hard water stains disappear. If needed, power wash a surface before you apply this surface cleaner. And remember, always add acid to water, not water to acid.

F9 Double Eagle Cleaner, Degreaser, Neutralizer

You can use the F9 Double Eagle Cleaner on concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, grout masonry, and most hard surfaces. Try it on anything from food grease, oils, and dumpster pads to parking lots, tire marks, and gas stations. This degreaser is a great option for a diverse selection of surfaces. Use this product straight if it’s a heavily soiled surface. If it’s lightly soiled, prepare a 20:1 ratio. If moderately soiled, a 10:1 ratio will be best.

CPS Liquid Gold Hard Surface Cleaner Degreaser

Use a low-pressure sprayer to apply CPS Liquid Gold to a hard surface. Do not use this on polished stone, wood, or delicate surfaces. Best for use on brick, concrete, tile and grout, and even cars, trucks, and engines. It will effectively remove light to heavy soil, oil, or grease from hard surfaces. Like with many products, you may want to test this detergent prior to use. Don’t place it on the entirety of a surface until you have completed a spot test, and do not allow to dry prior to rinsing effectively.

F9 Groundskeeper Concentrated Concrete

The F9 Groundskeeper is an effective maintenance cleaner. Use it after an initial degreasing, pre-cleaning, or hot water washing. This cleaner has a low pH, so the surface you use it on will continue to brighten over time. This will save you time and money in the long run. Simply pre-wet the surface with water and spray on. The less soiled an area, the less concentrate you’ll need, and vice versa.

ShoreBest 2377 Concrete & Efflo Cleaner

This cleaner is a new concentrate designed to remove thin to heavy deposits of concrete, mortar, and grout. This option is significantly less corrosive than professional pressure washer chemicals that have mineral acids. With ShoreBest, you can have confidence that it will remove unwanted material without damage. It’s a high concentrate blend of surfactants and salts that can remove ½ inch of cement materials from masonry or metal surfaces. Test a small portion before use to ensure you have proper dilution, application, and dwell time. Protect all surfaces surrounding the affected area, including foliage and pedestrians.

Agent Blue Degreaser

Agent Blue is a great option if you want to remove dirt, pollution, or cobwebs. It is water-based and a biodegradable product. When you choose Agent Blue, you choose to preserve the environment. You can also use this degreaser on motor oil, dirt, or hydraulic fluid. Simply apply this detergent to the affected areas. Allow some time for the product to work. After a wait, use a wand or surface clean to finish.

Agent Green Chlorine Surfactant

If you need a high-quality chlorine surfactant and enhancer, look no further. This product provides mild scent cover as well. It is a soap additive for soft washing mixes. You can use it on both house siding and roofs. A benefit to Agent Green is its ability to mix with Agent Blue. If you mix the two together, you will have a more potent house wash mix. Use this detergent in cold weather to boost efficiency while you clean. Mix it with an SH mix if you desire this in the colder months. For a more potent wash for your roof, consider mixing equal parts Secret Agent and Agent Green.

Agent Halt SH Neutralizer

Agent Halt is a salt and bleach neutralizer. Use this detergent to rinse bleach-washed surfaces. Save the plants and external surfaces around you with Agent Halt. It is best to use it post-wash to rinse plants and windows. It will neutralize bleach on roofs that have no gutters or a bad runoff. Consider this product if you need to clean out hoses and equipment as well. You can even add this to your truck so that you can have peace of mind when you work with an SH mix. Remember, always pre-rinse the desired surface with water before you apply Agent Halt SH.

Foaming Secret Agent

Secret Agent is a foaming agent that effectively covers scents. It also helps cleaning solutions cling to a target surface. After you create a generous amount of foam, the formula will improve runoff and dwell time on vertical surfaces. If you are in search of a power washing detergent for stairs, railings, walls, or roofs, consider Foaming Secret Agent.

Keep these 10 professional power washing detergents in mind next time you make a purchase. Don’t damage surfaces or belongings around you. Educate yourself on commercial pressure washing chemicals and the products you use to power wash.

10 Professional Power Washing Detergents