How to improve Google Ranking Locally

How to improve Google Ranking Locally

Some easy tips to help rank your business higher in Google Search.

So you are racking your brain trying to figure out how to rank better on Google to get more business calls. Well there are many many things that can be done, and Google is ever evolving, so their algorithms keep changing. But a few things have, do, and will continue to hold true. The more active you are with Google, the more Google will like you. You know that saying that you keep seeing me post all over the place "support those who support you?" Well Google will support you if you support them.  It's like a relationship, if you go play with Facebook, but leave Google in the corner, Google gets jealous and will push you down the rankings. But if you give Google lots of attention, "she" will treat you right in return.

We will not dive into full board SEO here, these are just some very basic things you should do, but they are EXTREMELY important. Yes you can, and should, have an SEO professional on your side, but to be honest, its pointless if you are not already doing the following things. So here it goes....

  1. Create a Google+ account using your business email address. Update all info including phone number, website, "office" hours, logo, header picture, and a few services you provide. When you add your address, google will send you a postcard to that address to verify the business address. Be sure to enter the code from the postcard on your account when it arrives to authenticate your account. If you have an office where customers can visit, leave your address public. However if you work out of your home, or want to hide the location of your shop, there is an option to state you are a mobile business and you go to your customers, rather than having the customers come to you.  You will still rank on google maps even if your address is hidden, but there will not be a pin on the actual map.
  2. Download the Google My Business App on your phone and use this to manage all of your activity.
  3. If you have any reviews, and you have not yet responded to them, do so now. Google looks at how you interact with your customers.
  4. Browse your pictures from jobs, anything you like to use for marketing. Edit the pictures so their titles contain keywords of what the picture is displaying. Upload some of these pictures into the corresponding categories of the Google My Business App.
  5. Make a post about something, preferably asking a question to the Google community to gain views and responses, just like you would on Facebook. The more interactive your posts, the better. 
  6. Get in the habit of posing at least one picture (with title modified with keywords) per week, in addition to posting one community post per week. I suggest using a picture in your community post as well, preferably a different picture than what you added to the general pictures category.
  7. When doing residential jobs, ask every single customer for a review. If possible, provide them with a link if you give digital invoices. Or give them very simple directions to find you on google and leave you a review. Don't forget to respond to it. 
  8. Download the YouTube App. At least once per month, create and upload a video to your YouTube channel. Be sure the title and description contain keywords, but don't go overkill. Google owns YouTube, and every post will count toward your interactive popularity. you can also manage these videos through the Google My Business App.
  9. I personally do not use adwords for any of my businesses. So I do not have much knowledge there, but I will post a Blog later about Facebook ads, and no I'm not talking about boosting posts. That does help too but actual ads will perform much better than boosted posts. If you feel you have Google AdWords nailed and are getting good results, feel free to type up a blog and I will post on this page with your name as the author. The sole purpose here is to help fellow cleaners.

I hope this helps your business grow. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me an email anytime.

Mar 18th 2018 Dave Belliveau

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