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How to choose a new portable extractor that best suits YOUR needs.

How to choose a new portable extractor that best suits YOUR needs.

Posted by Dave Belliveau on Mar 26th 2018

How to choose a new portable extractor that best suits YOUR needs.

Please stop listening to all the salesmen that say you need a specific machine before they even ask what your needs are? All that is saying is they have something specific in stock, and they want to push that one machine.  Stocking distributors and dropshipping distributors who have your best interest in mind will ask a series of questions to decide whats best for you, and guess what, it may not be what's on their sales floor, wow, surprise!

These are the questions I ask every prospective portable customer:

  1. Are you looking to do more commercial or residential?
  2. More tile, or more carpet, or 50/50?
  3. For hard surface cleaning do you require 1200 psi or is 8-900 sufficient?
  4. For carpet cleaning, is 200 psi sufficient or do you prefer 350-500?
  5. Is heat a high priority or are you fine using hot tap water?
  6. Are you fine with only 25' of hose, or are you looking to go 50, 75, 100, 125, 150+?
  7. Do you plan to wand all carpet or use a rotary tool for most cleaning?
  8. Do you plan to leave the machine in one spot enabling the use of auto fill and auto dump or will you be moving the machine around most of the time?
  9. DO you require one circuit or is a 2 corded machine fine that requires 2 different circuits?

Although we do have a few machines that are most popular, that doesn't mean they are for everyone. After answering these questions, we will make a few suggestions for you to choose from to meet your budget. Fell free to call or text anytime with questions. 585-736-7473.

We also offer a price match guarantee, so when you are shopping around, comparing prices on websites, if you find something cheaper from a competitor than you see on our site, please send Dave an email with the competitor listing at and we will match or beat the price.