3 Most Common Types of Carpets and How To Clean Them

3 Most Common Types of Carpets and How To Clean Them

Posted by Angela Maida on Apr 24th 2022

Cleaning and maintaining carpets are the core to a professional carpet cleaner. Making sure every residence is as livable as possible for homeowners and their families—not to mention providing a sanitary, comfortable space for their visitors when they come by—takes time and effort.

However, clients inevitably neglect some aspects of home maintenance, and those aspects usually include the carpets. Carpets carry debris, dust, bacteria, and much more. With their highly absorbent fibers, they trap just about anything. So what are the steps to take to maintain any carpet? Here are the three most common types of carpets and how to clean them.

Synthetic Carpets

Synthetic is of the most common type of carpet, consisting of a blend of nylon, polyester, and/or polypropylene. Nylon can last up to 15 years and hold up to constant wear and tear, quickly bouncing back from any damage, and cleans easily. Polyester is highly stain resistant, and it’s oil based, so it can fight against most spills, but shows wear faster, mats down more, and can be tough to clean. Lastly, polypropylene tends to resist abrasion, mildew, and moisture, and is usually easy to clean.

Therefore, typical maintenance for synthetic carpets involves weekly vacuuming by the homeowner, and annual professional extraction cleaning. The more often they get cleaned, the better they’ll look over longs period of time. This is why in some states, carpet cleaning is considered a capital improvement service, and sales tax is not required, check with your local state regulations or an accountant for details.

Wool Carpets

Wool absorbs a significant amount of water and requires a lot of waiting time to dry. However, wool carpets remain highly sensitive. So when fighting stains and spots, you’ll need the right product so as not to ruin the carpet—stay away from high alkaline products and bleach. Wool is one of the three most common carpets, and knowing how to clean it is necessary to prolong its life expectancy. We suggest proper training when dealing with wool, as to not create browning, warping, shrinking, or other damage to a customers carpet or area rug.

Natural Carpets

Natural carpets tend to be sensitive, and they don’t tolerate stains compared to wool and synthetic carpets. Vacuuming is the primary way to maintain them, but plant-based carpets made of jute or other gentle material get dirty more quickly and need more constant attention. Cleaning machines should remain at their lowest settings to maintain the lay of natural fibers. Additionally, use a fan or turn on an air conditioner after a cleaning to accelerate the drying time.

Finding the best commercial carpet cleaning chemicals shouldn’t be a struggle for any professional. That’s where we at Clean Pro Supply step in. Carpets lose their luster over time, but we’ll help you restore any carpet to its original look. We offer high-quality cleaning products and equipment for all carpet jobs. We strive for the best customer service, and we’re here to help you.