Wholesale Licensing Opportunities


Many of us are in this game of entrepreneurship because we love what we do and we want to have unlimited potential with our businesses. A key to any investing strategy is to diversify, and this may be a great fit for some of you. As you know, my name is David Belliveau, I am the owner of Clean Pro Supply. We are located in Rochester, NY but we have a massive online presence. We have been approached recently with the idea of expansion, and with all of you in our current network, why not win together?

There is a lot of change in the cleaning and restoration industry right now and we are about to add a massive wave to that change. Our growth over the past few years has been wonderful, and its time to start adding more locations around the US to better serve our customers at a more local level. So we are looking for new and existing dealers who want to work with us under a license agreement, with instant access to thousands of products at the best possible pricing with an easy "one stop shop" supplier for the cleaning and restoration industry. As we grow and partner with more locations, our buying power will be extremely competitive, improving margins for everyone involved.


We are in the process of building out a full product line of chemicals, tools, and equipment. We are looking for eager, open minded, dealers nationwide, who want a one stop shop for everything needed to sell to professional cleaning and janitorial contractors for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, auto-detailing, water/fire restoration, hard surface cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor maintenance, and more.

Our Branded Product Line is just the tip of the iceberg for this expansion effort, but will be an icon in our branding efforts. We have already negotiated with multiple large equipment manufactures and other chemical manufacturers for national bulk order pricing that are not currently available to independent dealers. We will have tiered pricing based on order size, and minimum order quantities to get started. Since we will have quotas to meet to maintain the negotiated rates as a group overall, these tiers and minimum entry orders will help us maintain best possible pricing. However, these are one time minimums, and you will not need to meet the minimum requirements of the dozens of manufactures out there individually. Join us and win with us, lets keep it simple, keep the independent dealerships going strong, and build a strong new national brand of highly motivated individuals.

Some other benefits will include training support, marketing support, and access to products that may currently be protected by territories in your area from competitors. If you are interested in joining with us on this expansion effort, please reach out to me via the contact form below. We can chat more details with any questions you have and we are also open to any suggestions you may have. Let me know your thoughts.