CleanScrub TM4 15" CRB Standard Blue Brush Set

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Standard Blue Brush Set for 15" TM4 CleanScrub CRB

Comes with two brushes to make a set.



STIFF BROWN BRUSHES - Commercial use ONLY. Require Break in Period before use. To do this: install brushes on machine and run machine for 3 minutes on wet concrete. Failure to break in Brushes could result in breaker tripping or machine encountering difficulty on start up.

 Carpet Varieties & Brush Recommendation

Level Loop

img be glatteschlinge

Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff

Cut Pile

img be velours

Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff


img be wollberber

Recommended brush: Soft


img be saxony

Recommended brush: Soft

Cut - Loop

img be veloursschlinge

Recommended brush: Standard

Neddle Felt

img be nadelvlies

Recommended brush: Standard / Stiff

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